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Force Multiplier

Force Multiplier is the collaboration between veteran producers, Rena Jones and KiloWatts (Jamie Watts), hailing from Portland and Philadelphia respectively. Both instrumentalists and producers, Rena and Jamie have multiplied their forces to create a dynamic album filled with forward motion; a collage of complimentary musical strokes that occupy an intimate space of melody, emotional evocativeness, and glossy rhythmic movement. Force Multiplier embodies a theme of the conservation of nature and our collective ability to unite for positive change to solve the myriad challenges currently at our doorstep as a species.

Released January 13, 2023

All music written, performed, produced, engineered & recorded by Rena Jones & Jamie Watts. Mixed by Rena Jones. For more detailed track credits, check out Bandcamp


Mastered by Shawn Hatfield Audible Oddities
Visual Art by Jason Grlicky

© All Rights Reserved 





Singles - (Official Music Videos)

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