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Cloud 11

After about a year of work, planning, writing, contacting peeps, transcontinental collabs, and several studio visits, Rena Jones' Cartesian Binary Recordings presents its first compilation offering in the form of 'Cloud 11'

Featuring Funckarma ft Rena Jones, Helios, EVAC ft Rena Jones, Komposit, Hands Upon Black Earth, Ben Milstein, Phidelity, Disonaur, gasp, The Moving Dawn Orchestra, Field Rotation, and the Abominable Twitch, and sprinkles of collaborations with Rena on strings throughout the album.

Covering a wide spectrum of downtempo, IDM, electro-acoustic, dub, and broken beat, sit back, relax, and let your clouds go to 11.

Released March 11, 2011

Mastered by Justin Phelps


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