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The sixth full-length album from Rena Jones, ‘Allegories’, is a sonic-emotive exploration of the transformative power of storytelling. Similar to music, storytelling is a uniquely beautiful way to engage with history, art, and culture. Following Rena’s tradition of conceptual albums, ‘Allegories’ takes a deep dive into sound-design with music as metaphor and allegory. While she draws heavily on Greek Mythology and classical allegorical tales, the ultimate journey is left to the listener.

Waxing poetic through ‘Allegories,’ Rena Jones delivers her most live and collaborative album to date. Bringing in lifetime collaborators like multi-instrumentalist Jeff Thomas Potts, Jason McKenzie on live tablas, Asher Fulero on live drums, and Marc Sciglimpaglia on live bass, ‘Allegories’ finds its way into uniquely luscious grooves.

Rich with sonic multiverses that unfold with unyielding beauty, ‘Allegories’ is a landmark addition to Rena’s catalog of thought-provoking and emotive music.


Released November 5, 2021

Unless otherwise noted, all music written, performed, produced, mixed, engineered & recorded by Rena Jones. All live recordings of Jeff Thomas Potts, Asher Fulero, Marc Sciglimpaglia & Jason McKenzie were recorded in their studios.


For further track credit listings, check out Bancamp

Copyright 2021 Rena Jones
Publishing 2021 Rena Jones Music

Mastered by Kosta Cross @ Overground Studios
Visual Art by Jason Grlicky

© All Rights Reserved 

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