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Breaking the Divide - (20 Year Anniversary Remaster)

Rena Jones' groundbreaking debut album, Breaking the Divide, first released in 2004, marked a significant entry into the electronic music scene. Featuring collaborations with members of STS9, this album showcased Rena's unique ability to blend intricate soundscapes with emotive string arrangements, leaving an indelible mark on listeners and critics alike. As we celebrate its 20th anniversary, we honor Breaking the Divide with a meticulously remastered version, bringing new clarity and depth to its lush, atmospheric compositions. This special edition invites both new listeners and long-time fans to rediscover the album's captivating fusion of ambient electronica and classical instrumentation. Join us in revisiting this seminal work that set the stage for Rena Jones' illustrious career and continues to inspire and resonate two decades later.

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