Lynx on the Horizon

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On The Horizon unveils LYNX’s versatility as an artist, producer, singer, songwriter, beat-boxer, instrumentalist and composer. Electronica, indie, pop, folk, hobo nouveau – each has a place in this 25-year-old singer/songwriter and producer’s musical vocabulary.

From her Colorado roots to her current home in Oakland, the foundation of LYNX’s sound remains truly unique in the Bay Area melting pot, while still taking the best from it. With what she describes as a “focus on song,” On The Horizon sacrifices no part of LYNX’s creative endeavor to maintain a traditional genre identity. The album intertwines powerful vocals, lyrics that are both universal and intimate, timely and timeless, and a sound that switches from folky to cutting edge: bumping beats melt to raw, melancholy melodies and resolve with infectious pop hooks. Live instruments, including banjo, mandolin, cello, guitar, piano and drums, elaborate on LYNX’s tasteful electronic beats, and the album’s wide array of collaborations and contributions include the likes of Beats Antique (“Rising Tide”), Krystyn Pixton (“Burning Bone”) and Djunya and Janover (“Desert”).

After several albums and tours with Janover and Beats Antique, among others, this release showcases LYNX’s skills as a producer, which she has gleaned from the emergent West Coast electronic scene. Mixed and co-produced by downtempo producer, engineer and cellist Rena Jones (Portland, Ore.), On The Horizon sets the stage for several solid forthcoming releases on Jones’ Cartesian Binary label.